About Us


Molke is the brainchild of dynamic duo Kirsty and Ros, but the Molke story starts way back in 2011 with one woman, a baby and a sewing machine…

After having her first baby, Kirsty was looking for a new hobby so decided to buy a sewing machine and make some cloth nappies for her son.  This hobby soon became a business and Billy Bums was born.  Fast forward 4 years and Kirsty’s family wasn’t the only thing to have grown; Billy Bums was thriving and Kirsty turned her attention to clothing and bras for breastfeeding women.  Demand soon increased and Kirsty recruited (aka dragged in) friend and fellow baby wearing peer supporter Ros to help with emails and accounts.  

In 2017 they officially joined forces and Molke made its’ debut, focussing on producing body positive clothing to suit all women.   Molke was soon a limited company and with some amazing local support, they found themselves in a big, empty unit at Perth Airport.  Over the next few months the new Molke HQ became filled with fabric and machines and the team grew to take on a couple of machinists (plus, Kirsty’s Mum and Dad who are always on hand to help pack orders and make coffee!).

And the rest is rainbow unicorn history!

Our Ethics


Here at Molke, we are passionate about women (and their boobs!) and we want to empower, enable and encourage women with our products.  For us, creating products that do that and are sustainable is really important.  We want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, so we use organic cotton for all of our products and we manufacture everything in the UK at our premises in Scone, Perthshire. We also collect every scrap of spare fabric from the cutting room floor and we donate them to local schools, craft groups and also to Remake Scotland, who reuse them in various ways, so leaving nothing to waste.