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We want you to get the best possible fitting Molke bra, so if you are in doubt about your size please contact us and we will help as much as possible. We want your boobs to be happy! The cup guide is a guide only, the cup size that suits you best is dependent on the shape of your breasts as well as the size. We are currently working on a visual guide to help, so please do get in touch if at all unsure via the contact us page.

First it’s important you measure your underbust, not use the size band that you wear. Measure with the tape snug around you so you can only get a couple of fingers underneath. If you are between Molke sizes it’s usually advised to go up a band size for comfort. We find the Boob or Bust site a great starting point for finding your true bra size , they have their own calculator that can be found here.  Once you have your size from the calculator check against the Molke size chart for your Molke bra size.

As ever the size given is a guide, but it’s a great place to start from. You may be surprised with the results! Early bras were produced before elastic material and, for some crazy reason, the old measurement tables are still very much in use, especially on the British high street. Nowadays bra bands are made with elastic material and therefore they stretch, the result of this is badly fitting bras with bands too big, and cups far too small.

Please use our pants chart to help calculate the correct pants size to order. We recommend measuring around the widest section of your hips or bottom (please see diagram) below. We find that measuring gives a more accurate result than relying on dress size.